Congratulations!  By exploring Compass Care Management’s services, you’re taking the first step toward increased peace of mind, support, and empowerment.

Compass Care Management helps older adults, adults with mental and physical disabilities, and their families navigate changing care needs by providing experienced guidance and developing unique care solutions for every client.In addition, Compass offers support services and consultation for legal and financial professionals, guardians, and businesses.We provide flexible and thorough care plans and care management services based on the preferences and needs of the individuals and families we serve.

Why choose Compass Care Management?

  • Compass Care Management is independently owned and operated, allowing us to recommend solutions and monitor services with objectivity and integrity. Our clients can be sure that the only interests we serve are theirs.
  • We have the knowledge and experience needed to efficiently help our clients reach their goals.
  • Our friendly, low-key, affirming, and sensitive approach is especially appreciated by care recipients who may initially be reluctant to receive services.
  • Our reasonable fees ensure sensible use of financial resources.
  • Our goal is to collaborate with and empower our clients, not to promote dependence.
  • Complex challenges are our specialty.
We invite you to call us at 973-885-9016 to speak with us about your particular needs

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